Website guidelines

Blogs and wiki guide

Here is an outline of the contents of a generic blog and wiki guide.

The headings indicate the issues and topics that need to be addresssed and the order in which to address them.

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Blogs and wiki guide

1    Blog and wiki positioning statement

2    Blog and wiki governing principles

3    Guidelines for blog and wiki managers

3.1 Managing a blog and wiki - overview

3.2 Phase 1: Plan

3.2.1          Content and theme

3.2.2          Aims and audiences

3.2.3          Benefits to the organisation and and stakeholders

3.2.4          Promotion

3.2.5          Governance

3.2.6          Resources required

3.2.7          Challenges

3.2.8          Timeframe and termination

3.2.9          Evaluation

3.3 Phase 2: Establish

3.3.1          Step 1: Working with our Web Team

3.3.2          Step 2: Prepare welcome and first posting

3.3.3          Step 3: Prepare promotional material

3.3.4          Step 4: Training and testing

3.4 Phase 3: Maintain

3.5 Phase 4 – Evaluate and terminate

3.5.1          Evaluating the blog and wiki

3.5.2          Terminating the blog and wiki

4    Our staff as contributors

4.1 Guidelines for contributing to our blogs and wiki

4.2 Contributing to third-party blogs and wikis

5    Legal issues

6    Templates

6.1 Planning a blog and wiki

6.2 Requesting a blog and wiki be terminated

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The preamble to a generic blog and wiki guidelines document for an organisation...

The Internet is an increasingly important instrument for achieving organisational strategies and goals. It provides a highly efficient and effective means of managing our relationship with clients and of promoting and delivering information and services to them. The organisation's staff are encouraged to utilise Internet technologies wherever appropriate and relevant to the organisation’s goals. Clearly, any use of Internet technologies must be lawful and the extent and nature of the use governed by the extent to which it complements the organisation’s goals.

Advances in Internet technologies, greater uptake of the Internet by clients and broadband connectivity have led to an increase in the use of websites as a means of communication. Not just between the website owner and users, but between the users of the website. Blogs and wikis are two aspects of this trend, which are collectively referred to as Web 2.0.

The organisation supports staff wishing to create and manage organisational blogs and Wikis and wishing to contribute to external blogs and wikis where such activities are in keeping with the organisation’s goals, relevant policies and where such activities comply with the guidelines and procedures detailed in this document.

This blog and wiki guidelines document should be read in conjunction with relevant organisational policies.

It is recognized that wikis, blogs and blogging offer a more spontaneous, casual and interactive method of communication than other forms of online interaction. These guidelines try to balance the laissez faire spirit of blogging and contributing to wikis with the fact that the organisation has legal restrictions and responsibilities to its clients.

Given the dynamic nature of the Web and the growing expectation of users that they will be able to interact with the organisation online, these guidelines will be reviewed regularly. Feedback on these guidelines is welcome.


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