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Selecting a website developer - a checklist

Selecting the right website developer for your site is crucial to its success.  Fortunately, today there is no shortage of website developers from which to choose. The trick is picking the right one!

The ideal Web developer for a particular website would rate “YES” to all the questions posed in the checklist below. In reality, it will be very difficult to find one developer who achieves the perfect score so choose the one who scores the highest. You may need to prioritse the criteria to arrive at the most suitable developer.

Contact us if you want help selecting a developer.


Questions to which you should be able to answer yes….

Client focus
  • Yes | No : Was their written submission easy to understand?
  • Yes | No : Do you understand them when they explain their approach verbally?
  • Yes | No : Do they understand your needs?
  • Yes | No : Does their solution make sense and address your needs?
  • Yes | No : Do they seem to be good listeners?
  • Yes | No : Do they appear to be honest and professional?
Cost and value for money
  • Yes | No : Is their solution affordable and value for money?
  • Yes | No : Is their hourly-rate within the normal bounds for developers of their experience?
  • Yes | No : Does their proposal indicate that they will add value to the project beyond merely providing what you asked for?

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  • Yes | No : Have they specified who will be working on your website and
    provided their CVs?
  • Yes | No : Do the skills of the Web developer match the type of site you have specified? (eg highly dependent on graphic design or e-commerce skills)
  • Yes | No : Have they built successful websites for your type of organisation before?
  • Yes | No : Have they built successful websites using the proposed solution before?
Evidence of ability
  • Yes | No : Do the sites built by the proposed team members impress you?
  • Yes | No : Does their own website reflect well on their abilities?
  • Yes | No : Have they built websites for organisations like yours?
  • Yes | No : Is the proposed solution employed on a current live website that you can see and explore?
  • Yes | No : Do their referees recommend them?
  • Yes | No : Does their solution pose an acceptable level of risk - eg is it too leading edge?
  • Yes | No : Are they financially sound?
  • Yes | No : Have they been in business long enough to be sound and experienced?
  • Yes | No : Do they propose a sound, workable project management methodology?
  • Yes | No : Have they signed your contract without altering the terms and conditions?
  • Yes | No : Have they got the capacity to finish your website in your timeframe?


Contact us if you have ticked too many No's and you want some advice.

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