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This award-winning website writing guide is a free, comprehensive resource that addresses the principles, techniques and rules about writing for the Web. It is for Web writers, editors and proofreaders. It is the official website writing guide for the Government of South Australia.

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Writing principles for the Web
How people use the Web | Writing for the Web environment | Using plain English | Layering content |
Users scan first, then read
| Writing for search engines

Writing for government websites
Fundamental do's and dont's | User testing with citizens and businesses | Composing effective headings |
Improving search-engine ranking | Increasing audience reach | Managing content approval

Preparing the content
Managing the writing process | Identifying the aims | Website audience classification | Organising the content |
Imparting your message
| Re-using existing content | Using word processors |

Writing and presentation styles
Writing directly and succinctly | Sentence and paragraph styles | Heading hierarchy | Web page navigation |
Scrolling and page length | Making content accessible | Presenting instructions | Writing for Google |
Capitals in headings
| Hyperlink style | Acronyms | Brackets | PDFs |

Basic punctuation rules | Lists - bullets, numbers, hyperlinks | Capitals | Hyphens | Abbreviations |
Web page addresses
| Italics | Quotations | Numbers | Dates and times | Citing references

Grammar and spelling
Grammar | Spelling | Tricky words and phrases |

Editing and proofreading
Editing tips | Proofreading tips |

About the Guide
The need for a guide | Who we are | How you can contribute |

The Guide won a merit certificate award in the e-government section of the Australian Information Industry Association's state iAwards.

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