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Living Websites - contents

The chapters headings

1. Understanding the Internet and World Wide Web

2. The benefits of an effective website

3. A management approach to your website

4. Aim, content and features of your website

5. Designing your website

6. Promoting your website

7. Building your website

8. Maintaining your website day-to-day

9. Evaluating your website life cycle

The book is 208 pages in A4 format.

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Sample pages

Chapter 2 - create cost savings and efficiencies - page 20 (PDF 10KB)
Chapter 3 - managing risk diagram - page 41 (PDF 8KB)
Chapter 5 - examples of site maps - page 107 (PDF 39KB)
Chapter 7 - sample development budget - page 135 (PDF 10KB)
Chapter 9 - online polls as a means of evaluation - page 176 ((PDF 36KB)


I would never have been brave enough, or reckless enough, to have begun writing this book had it not been for the suggestion of David Bearman and Jennifer Trant. They convene the excellent Museums and the Web annual conferences in North America. I delivered papers and workshops on website management at the 1998, 2000 conferences and in 2008 spoke on users' expectations online.

Purchase Living Websites now.


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