Website research

We conduct website research with the aim of improving the usability and effectiveness of websites. Our research is for website owners and Web developers to read and apply to their websites.

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Current research areas:

Website benchmarking

We have developed a benchmarking database that reports on the dominant trends in over 100 elements of a website. The research tells us what's in, what's hot and what not to do when building a website.

Clutter test

How much is too much clutter on a Web page? Our research suggests as clutter rises beyond 50% the user has to think too hard. Read about the clutter test and check your pages and your competitors' pages for clutter.

User expectations online

This research paper explores the long and short term factors that help to form users' expectations of a website. Read about how to understand these factors and address them in your website.

Information architecture - how to categorise contents on a website (PowerPoint 15Mb)

Download this PowerPoint presentation on how to develop the information architecture for website or intranet.

Achieving a healthy Web culture

Many organisations have ticked the, 'have-a-website' box, but they fail to get the most out of it because they don't embrace it whole-heartedly. This paper explores what you can do to improve the Web culture in your organisation.

The website life cycle

A website is not a one-off project but an endeavour that has a life cycle. Understand the life cycle and manage your website more effectively.

Website examples and books

A list of reference websites and books for anyone researching the Web.

For analysis of how to apply the research to your website, contact one of our accredited consultants.