Website Writing Guide

Before you begin to write

Working with existing content

Rewrite and edit text from other sources according to this Guide.

Do not assume that existing text is written and edited according to this Guide. Do not assume that content on an existing Web page complies with this Guide.

A great deal of the information posted on Web pages is sourced from other documents, including white papers, policy documents, monthly and annual reports, media releases and speeches. The standard of a website will decline when text is taken directly from other documents and dropped into a Web page without first being re-written or edited according to this Guide.

Website content will often summarise a much longer document. In most documents the executive summary, introduction, the first chapter or section and the conclusion should provide the information necessary for a summary.

In more technical documents, written for those within the same profession as the writer, the salient information may not be easy to access. If the information is difficult to access from the source document, interview the author(s) to ensure that important details are not missed.

Text that must not be altered, such as legislation or a part of a speech, should be set as a quote and correctly attributed. Complete documents should be linked to the website as a PDF or RTF file.


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