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Use capitals only for proper names and to begin a sentence. Do not use capitals to add emphasis.

Use sentence case for headings and menu items. That is, a capital for the first word and then lower case for all subsequent words, unless there is a proper noun. See Capitals in headings

A guide to the use of capitals:

  • personal names - Anna, David
  • nicknames – the Great White Shark
  • nationalities, races, tribes – Australian, American, Sydneysider, Eskimo
  • names of organisations and societies – World Health Organization, The Royal Society
  • names of government departments – Health, Treasury
  • a reference to a specific state or the Federal Government, but not when referring to government or governments in general
  • names of ships, aircraft and trains – Queen Mary
  • names of models, brands and types of vehicles – Ford, Audi
  • formal titles – Governor General, Lord Mayor
  • names of geographical places and areas, states, countries – New South Wales, Italy, Adelaide Hills, Whistler, Tiber River, South East Asia, North America
  • names of public buildings and places – The Houses of Parliament, The Colosseum
  • acts, treaties and government programs – Native Title Act, Goods and Services Tax
  • holidays, days of the week –  Christmas Day, Tuesday
  • trademarks, brand names and proprietary names – Harrods, Microsoft, Coca-Cola
  • a range of scientific terminology and computer terms - Internet, the Web
  • newspapers – The Times, The Australian
  • plays, films and television programs – A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Office
  • musical compositions and song titles - The Marriage of Figaro
  • paintings, drawings and sculpture – Mona Lisa, The Thinker.

Capitals for book titles and articles can be all capitals or just capitals for the first word. Check the original titles for usage.

See also: Use of italics

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