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Citing references

References to books, journal articles and theses are often sought by those seeking a greater level of information from a website. Where possible provide a link to the document cited.


The first citation should contain the author’s initials or given name as used on the title page, surname, title of book, publisher, place of publication, year of publication and page reference if appropriate. Commas separate each item and main words in the title are capitalised. The subtitle is capitalised and follows a colon. For example:

Jacob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger, Prioritizing Web Usability, New Riders, Berkley California, 2006.

A subsequent reference should be cited: Jacob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger, Web Usability, p 93

Journal articles

Amri, Siti, Griffith University, Australia: Education websites and their benefits to potential international students: a case study on tertiary institutions in Malaysia.


Jennifer Cottrell, Public Health, Masters of Public Health Dissertation, The Cancer Profile of the South Australian Indigenous Community: An analysis. 2006.


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