Website Writing Guide

Writing principles for the Web

Writing for search engines

Since more users will find your Web pages through Google than any other method, compose each page so it is easily found by search engines.

Techniques to ensure that search engines rank a Web page more highly:

  • Use headings that are the same as the words and phrases people enter into search engines.
  • Repeat the key words that users might enter into a search engine 6-8 times in the body text – concentrate their use in the first 200 words.
  • Provide more than 300 words, if possible, on a page you want search engines to rank highly.
  • Write naturally, do not write in a contrived style intended to trick search engines into ranking a page.

Search engines, like Google, are paying more attention to Web pages that contain a significant quantity of text – 300 words or more. A Web page with 500 words or so, that repeats the search term a number of times in the body text, will rank more highly than a similar Web page that provides less text and fewer repetitions of the search term.

Every page is your home page!

It is likely that a majority of users to your website will not enter it via the home page. They will enter a Web page anywhere in your site via a search engine or link from another website. This means every page of your website is potentially the first experience users will have of your website.

  • Each Web page needs to stand on its own and make sense to the user.
  • Do not assume readers have seen the home page, or any other page of the site.


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