Ebusiness consulting

Ebusiness consultant training and accreditation

Have you got what it takes?

Have you got the right background to be a successful ebusiness consultant?

Successful ebusiness consultants have the following characteristics:

  • have a very healthy interest in the Internet without being zealots
  • are very effective verbal and written communicators
  • have a good understanding of how the Internet can help organisations
  • have experience advising organisations about business processes and improvement
  • have an enquiring mind and enjoy researching, facilitating and analysing
  • are good at selling their services to existing and prospective clients
  • have a website that ranks highly in the WSC benchmarking database within two months of undertaking the training.

Ebusiness consultant training and accreditation is appropriate for those in private organisations, government and the not-for-profit sector who are:

  • business advisers
  • marketing, advertising and public relations consultants
  • ICT consultants and project managers
  • accountants
  • financial advisers
  • website consultants and developers
  • graphic designers
  • website or intranet managers in organisations
  • consultants specialising in an industry sector – eg law, wine, transport, travel
  • writers and editors.

Accreditation is appropriate for people who are self-employed, work in small to large organisations or are looking to establish their own consultancy business.


Course Executive Summary (PDF 338KB) - the benefits to you, course outline and booking form.

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