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Ebusiness consultant training and accreditation

Our fees

Like any professional accreditation, website consulting accreditation involves initial core training followed by on-going professional development and support.

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All fees quoted are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Accreditation training - 4-day course

There is a one-off fee of $3,950 inc gst for the core accreditation training.

This covers four days’ training and a license to use the processes and documents as described in this document. Full payment must be made prior to attending the training. The training fee includes morning and afternoon tea. Participants are to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements and meet any related costs.

Monthly support and professional development

There is a monthly fee of $66 inc gst for on-going support. This maintains your accreditation and covers access to the benchmarking reviews at the discounted price, and professional development tools and resources only available to accredited consultants – eg templates, samples and research.

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Annual re-accreditation training

This is required to maintain accreditation and license to use Website Criteria’s intellectual property. Re-accreditation requires attending a two-day course for $1,750 inc gst. It will cover a range of topics appropriate to ebusiness consultants with a year’s experience looking to up-skill and develop new ebusiness consulting services. It is offered under the same conditions as the core accreditation training.

Fee summary

Year 1
Ebusiness accreditation 4-day training, paid prior to training: $3,950 inc gst
Monthly support fee of $66 inc gst, paid at the end of each month

Year 2 and beyond
Annual re-accreditation 2-day training, paid prior to training: $1,750 inc gst
Monthly support fee of $66 inc gst, paid at the end of each month

Where two or more employees of an organisation undertake the training, the individual accreditation and monthly support fee are discounted 10% for the second, third, fourth etc. person.

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Recouping the fees you pay us

You will totally recoup the first year’s accreditation fees and monthly support fee with just four days of website consulting at $150/hr.

In subsequent years, you only need to do about two days of website consulting at $150/hr to recoup the re-accreditation and the whole year’s monthly support fees.

Course Executive Summary (PDF 338KB) - the benefits to you, course outline and booking form.

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