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What might ebusiness consultants earn?

The potential earnings from ebusiness consulting depend on many factors, some of which are:

  • how many hours a week you devote to it
  • the potential for cross-selling your other consulting work
  • how effective you are at winning work
  • how effective and efficient you are at doing the work
  • the extent and nature of your existing or potential client-base.


While these and other factors differ from person to person and organisation to organisation, potential gross income can be deduced quite simply. Business and website consultants in Australia generally charge between AUD$125 to AUD$250 an hour ex gst.

Many experts on managing consultancy businesses (eg David Maister) suggest that an experienced consultant working for themselves could expect to bill 40% - 50% of their time in a normal working week of 40 hours. The remainder of the hours are consumed by marketing, administration and professional development.

Normally, anyone new to consulting would bill a low percentage of the hours they actually work because they are busy developing templates, tools and processes and marketing themselves. But this is where being a WSC accredited ebusiness consultant really pays-off. The templates, tools and processes are already developed so you can start chasing work and billing sooner.

Website benchmarking report revenue

The benchmarking reports retail at $295 inc gst. We charge you the discounted rate of $175 inc gst. You can choose to charge a client the RRP or discount it for them.

For example, if you commissioned from us one website benchmarking review per fortnight and charged the client the RRP, your annual revenue from this source would be $3,120. 


Course Executive Summary (PDF 338KB) - the benefits to you, course outline and booking form.

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