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Accredited ebusiness consultants

These consultants have successfully completed Website Criteria's four-day ebusiness consultant accreditation course. The accredited ebusiness consultants and their clients benefit from the comprehensive range of tools, resources and Internet expertise provided by Website Criteria.


Kerrie Akkermans - CEO, Kerrie Akkermans Consulting

Christine Irmler - Manager, Online Communication Services, DECS, Govt. of South Australia

Max Ley - Director, Max Ley Consulting

David McClaren- General Manager, Inner Southern Business Enterprise Centre

Garry Putland - Director, Savvy Thinking Associates

Di Thompson - Director, Working Strategy


Kerrie Akkermans

Email: kerrie@akkermansconsulting.com.au

Mobile: 0417 872 389

Kerrie Akkermans possesses expertise in a number of inter-related aspects of running a business: management, marketing and the systems to support the business. She has expertise in researching an organisation’s market and advising on its marketing strategy,  advising businesses about quality processes and marketing strategies that work online and offline and are sustainable.

She has assisted many companies to improve their productivity and profit levels by providing advice or training in areas where they are especially vulnerable.

Kerrie is able to recommend online strategies that consider both the front and the
back-end of business operations because she has the expertise in both marketing and quality systems.

All of her work is underpinned by the desire to add sustainable value through:

  • online marketing strategies
  • innovative processes
  • risk minimisation
  • raising systems to relevant standards ie ISO9000, AS 4801.

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Christine Irmler

Department of Education & Children’s Services, Government of South Australia

Email: Christine.Irmler@sa.gov.au

Mobile: 0419 820 856

Christine has been recently appointed to develop the learning and education component of the SA Government’s sa.gov.au website - a single entry point online, where citizens and businesses can access information and services from across Government in one place.

She has had broad experience in project management and developing management systems since the Internet became a major tool for delivering government services.

Christine’s career is hallmarked by commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance and a focus on developing and maintaining good relationships.

What Christine says about the ebusiness training course

"I have been impressed by Steven’s ability to impart his extensive knowledge and real life experiences in advising about the Web in a friendly and supportive way.

The methodologies taught and resources given to us during and since completing the ebusiness course are just great - very practical and immediately useful. His training venue is brilliant."

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Max Ley

Director, Max Ley Consulting

Email: maxley8@gmail.com

Mobile: 0419 378 300

Max Ley is a consummate salesman who has a deep understanding of how businesses can maximise sales online and offline. He has vast experience selling products and services in the 'bricks and mortar' world and brings his knowledge and innate selling skills to helping businesses make their websites more profitable.

He has embraced Website Criteria's best-practice approach to online sales because it matches his approach: it's all about the consumer. And it's horses for courses - some websites will need Web 2.0 features while for others, more traditional Web 1.0, features will be more appropriate.



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David McClaren

General Manager, Inner Southern Business Enterprise Centre.

Email: d.mcclaren@isbec.com.au

Mobile: 0417 811 903

David is the General Manager of the Inner Southern Business Enterprise Centre (ISBEC) in Adelaide. He manages a team of consultants who provide business advice and support to small businesses across a large proportion of metropolitan Adelaide.

David has extensive experience in CEO and senior management roles across a broad range of industries including retail, franchising and manufacturing. He has owned and managed a number of businesses, from small to medium enterprises, to major multimillion-dollar joint ventures. He has a passion for small business, the environment and for helping business managers reach their full potential and build financially successful careers.

What David says about the ebusiness training course

"As a business advisor and  BEC manager, I have had little opportunity to brush up my skills and knowledge about e-commerce and e-business in general.

That was until I discovered Website Criteria and, in particular CEO, Steven Smith. The course that I attended was insightful, immensely interesting and has raised my awareness and knowledge in all matters ‘E’.

I can now go out to my existing clients with new energy and knowledge. The Website Ebusiness Accreditation program has equipped me with a tool that was previously a glaring omission in my ‘toolbox’ of knowledge and experience - thanks to Steven Smith and his excellent teaching skills."

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Garry Putland

Director, Savvy Thinking Associates

Email: garryputland@gmail.com

Mobile: 0401 145 076

Garry Putland

Garry is fascinated by how people adopt technologies to improve and transform their businesses and their  lives. This interest pervades his working life where he has worked at national and international level providing advice to organisations on how technologies impact on their business. 

For the past 5 years Garry has worked for a national ICT company in the education and training industry. He led business development, marketing, client relationships and networking activities.  He has managed a number of large-scale national projects which involved complex relationships, leading-edge technologies and a diverse range of stakeholders.

Garry has undertaken consultancies for the European Commission, established innovative online projects with global partnerships, and has been on ICT and educational regional and international advisory boards. Garry is extremely experienced in understanding education, business and technology trends and solutions.

Garry brings to projects a strong understanding of how businesses can use their online presence to improve profitability. He is highly experienced at analysing ICT issues and developing appropriate responses to ICT challenges. He is a highly effective communicator and mentor to key decision-makers.

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Di Thompson

Director, Working Strategy

Email: di@workingstrategy.com.au

Mobile: 0400 840 140

Di Thompson has been a business strategy consultant and business coach for many years. She was a partner and Managing Director for ten years of a technology business with an annual turnover of $12m. She brings to her clients real world understanding of what makes for business success - she goes beyond what the consulting books tell us.

What Di says about the ebusiness training course

"Steven’s style of training is direct and he explains the context and gives plenty of actual scenarios. The eBusiness Consultant course has given me the confidence to engage with clients on their online business strategy.The content, tools and templates I now have access to will save me a lot of headaches in the future, not to mention really help my clients."

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Course Executive Summary (PDF 338KB) - the benefits to you, course outline and booking form.

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