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Our credentials?

Who are we to claim that we can train and accredit ebusiness consultants? What are our credentials? We believe that the research we undertake in website best practice through our benchmarking database, our body of work in ebusiness and the caliber of our client-base, the acceptance of our tools by government and international organisations like WHO, and the testimonials by clients all point to us being more than qualified to train and accredit others in ebusiness consulting.

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Credibility and track-record

The credibility of Website Criteria as a leader in best practice in the Web lies in the acceptance of its guidelines, tools and resources by business groups and governments across Australia and internationally. The CEO, Steven Smith, has substantial experience in advising on ebusiness and developing best practice ebusiness methods and resources. Our claim to developing and training people in website best practice is supported by the nature and range of our projects and clients.

  • The Australian Government’s ebusiness website www.e-businessguide.gov.au was written by Steven Smith. The processes, templates and approaches that accredited consultants are trained to use are based on the material in that website. This is indeed, best practice.
  • The South Australian Government has mandated Website Criteria’s
    Website Writing Guide as the writing guide for Government websites.
  • The World Health Organization engaged Steven Smith to apply the website redevelopment process and WSC’s user testing methods to a new website. A tailored version of the Website Writing Guide has also been prepared for WHO.
  • Steven Smith wrote the book Living Websites – understanding the life cycle which has chapters covering much of the theory, approaches, tools and checklists that accredited consultants are trained to use.
  • The Website Criteria Clutter Test and Website Benchmarking Database are unique tools producing data that define best practice in website usability and effectiveness. We compare 110 aspects of a website with all other sites in the database which tells us a site’s ranking, where it is deficient and how to improve it.  
  • Our process for selecting Web developers and our advice on writing for government websites form two new checklists in the Website Better Practice Checklist series produced by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO). Steven Smith also reviewed all of the website best practice checklists for AGIMO.
  • WSC’s absolute independence imbues it with credibility. It has no affiliation with Web solution providers and is not dependent on government, industry bodies or any other organisation for its funding. It is a fiercely independent developer of best practice guidelines for the Web.

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About Steven Smith

Steven Smith is one of Australia’s leading Internet consultants:

  • his consultancy company United Focus Pty Ltd has been a leading ebusiness consultancy firm in Australia and amassed a client-list of the highest caliber
  • his comments on ebusiness are cited in the BRW, The Age and The Australian
  • he speaks at international conferences – eg Montreal and Malta – and has chaired conferences on website and intranet usability for the ArkGroup in Australia
  • he has conducted workshops on many facets of the Web for business groups and governments all around Australia for fifteen years 
  • his documents and methods for managing the life cycle of websites are sought by clients such as Elders Limited, Business SA, Austrade, ACT Tourism, National Museum of Australia, Wine and Brandy Corporation of Australia
  • he has guided over 150 clients through their website life cycle over fifteen years
  • he has a long history – from the early 1980s – of writing and teaching about technology as an aid to learning and as a business  tool.


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“Having worked with Steven Smith over a number of years, I have always been impressed by his insight into website strategy and his passion for devising solid, repeatable, strategic processes and measurement systems for developing and maintaining compelling websites for organisations. Website Criteria is the manifestation of this passion and vision and I highly commend it.”
Bruce Linn, former CEO of Finlaysons Lawyers and former Executive Director of EDS Australia.

"Steven Smith’s workshops at the Museums and the Web conferences were among the most enthusiastically received professional training options we’ve ever offered. Attendees were unstinting in their praise of the planning perspective they were taught.”
David Bearman, Conference Co-Chair and Director, Archives & Museums Informatics, USA

“Steven has conducted a number of in-house Writing for the Web workshops for Finance. Participants reported that they found the training excellent as it gave them the tools and confidence to structure information for the web. It was highly relevant with plenty of examples tailored for our organisation to convey the key concepts clearly.”
Web Services, Department of Finance and Deregulation, Australian Government

“In the fast moving world of web based strategies Steven has provided invaluable advice to my own organisations and those of my clients. Just as importantly he is a pleasure to deal with!”
Duncan Hart LLB MBA, Duncan Hart Consulting

"Steven is a dynamic presenter who provided our clients with valuable and more importantly usable information to enhance their business."
Mary Doherty, Business Development Manager, Australian Business Limited


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