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Ebusiness consultant training and accreditation

The benefits of ebusiness accreditation

As an ebusiness consultant accredited by Website Criteria you can expect to benefit from our training, on-going support, unique tools and resources in a number of ways.


The benefits of ebusiness training to consultants and advisers with clients:

  • gain revenue from ebusiness consulting
  • differentiate your firm by offering an accredited ebusiness service
  • don’t get left behind in a business world increasingly reliant on the Web
  • fulfil your professional duty to provide relevant business advice to clients
  • improve existing client retention by offering them new service
  • increase opportunities to cross-sell your other consultancy services
  • help cash flow by adding ebusiness consulting to the spread of services offered.

The benefits of ebusiness training to people who will apply their new skills in-house:

  • make a significant contribution to improving your organisation's online presence
  • don’t get left behind with redundant skills in a world increasingly reliant on the Web
  • learn an important new skill that is transferable
  • fulfil your professional duty to provide relevant ebusiness advice to your organisation.


The benefits to everyone of being trained, accredited and supported by Website Criteria:

  • fast-track into ebusiness consulting – benefit from our thirty years’ experience
  • have access to our latest Web research, the Website Criteria benchmarking database and new templates and processes
  • learn from, and share lessons with, your fellow accredited consultants
  • we save you time preparing and researching ebusiness so you can be more productive and bill more hours.
  • improve the quality of your ebusiness advice, reports and recommendations
  • you will learn best-practice ebusiness advice and processes which will complement the quality of your main-stream advice.


Course Executive Summary (PDF 338KB) - the benefits to you, course outline and booking form.

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